Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 A Year in Review

This year has been a pretty good year for my blog and my family. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out.  My blog has seen an increase in traffic and I'm praying this coming year will continue on the same track.

Here are a few highlights of our year. Enjoy and be safe if you go out to celebrate New Year's Eve tonight.

1. Gizmo
In March, we adopted a kitten, named Gizmo. He was a little ball of energy. Very cute, but gave us many heart attacks with all the stunts he performs. He likes to climb up on top of the fridge and jump off. He also likes to use our railings as a tightrope. He has started to calm down a bit since he was neutered this past month. Thank goodness!

2. Noel
Just this past month we took in a stray that we named Noel. We didn't plan on getting another animal, but she is so tiny and skittish of everything.  Our house is active with 3 kids, 2 medium sized dogs and now 3 cats. She is starting to find her spot in the clan. She loves cuddling with Gizmo and wakes me up every night around 2 a.m.

3. Lots of Canning
This past summer I did lots of canning. Mostly pickles and tomatoes. We are still enjoying the tomatoes, but unfortunately the pickles didn't last as long as we'd like. They were really good and went very fast.

4. Good Health
Not to jinx us, but this has been a pretty good year for us - health wise.  Only 2 trips to the hospital for our family - just cuts and bruises - nothing too serious. Thanks God!

5. Weight Watchers Trial
I was blessed to receive a free trial of Weight Watchers 360 this past summer. That was the first perk I've received from having this blog. I haven't really stuck to the plan, but have decided to pay to continue the program because I really, really do want to lose weight. Hubby and I have plans to restart on January 1st.

6. Vehicle Free for 6 months
While some people might think this is a negative I really did enjoy not having a vehicle for about 6 months. I wasn't tempted to go shopping. I didn't eat as much fast food.  I could actually get stuff done around the house without feeling tempted to visit with friends, shop or just get out of the house.  Not to mention paying out a lot less gasoline, since hubby was driving my fuel efficient van instead of his gas guzzler.

7.  Avon, North Carolina Family Vacation
We spent an entire week with hubby's family in Avon, North Carolina. We were a block from the beach and had a blast collecting seashells, fishing and sight seeing.

This was our year, how was yours?

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