Monday, August 19, 2013

Back from Vacation

The past week my family and I were on vacation in Avon, NC with my hubby's family. This is the first time I've ever been to the Outer Banks. It is sure was beautiful.

We visited the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It's a very pretty lighthouse. You are able to climb to the top and look around for $8 per person. We decided to stay on the ground, because there was a hour wait to climb it. There was also a really interesting museum that was fr#ee to the public.

We got some fishing in. My daughter caught a fish and my son caught a fish and a crab.  My hubby even helped a man get a baby shark off his hook. He technically wrestled a shark. LOL

We went fishing from the Avon Fishing Pier and let me say we won't be doing that again. The pier isn't exactly the sturdiest pier I've ever been on. It swayed pretty bad with the wind and it looked and felt like a kid built it.  It's really wavy.

As we were driving down Rt. 13 past Hatteras we saw this awesome looking space ship. I had to get a photo of it, because it was so big and even had photos of aliens in some of the windows. Too funny!

On our way home we had to stop by Digger's Dungeon - Home of Grave Digger. We are Monster Jam fans and this was really great! Hubby and little girl even rode a monster truck over a school bus. She really got a kick out of that. It only cost $5 per person to ride. We got to see a Grave Digger truck up close and they even have a diner, a shop, a small zoo (farm animals), and a playground. It was very family friendly.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend going to Avon, NC as a family unless you are die hard beach or water sports fans. That area is more quiet than family oriented. I have to say if we were to go back we would stay in Kill Devil or Nags Head. There was much more stuff to do - like mini golf, laser tag, shops, etc.

Well glad I'm glad to be home. Now I have a week to get the kids ready to start school on Monday. So much to do.  See you tomorrow.

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