Monday, January 04, 2021

New Things to Try in 2021 Printable

Good morning!

With all the COVID-19 lockdowns and limitations this past year I decided to focus on trying new things. Yes it's a little harder under the given circumstances, but it is do-able.  Here's a few things I tried in 2020. I tried a dragon fruit, shwarma (a lamb dish), and gnocchi's. I also cooked on the grill completely by myself for the first time, gave a couple's car a jumpstart, and wore a mask in public.  Nothing very exciting, but it forced me to seek out new things which was really fun. I plan on finding more things to try. Want to join me?

Here's a printable for you to track 21 new things/activities for the year 2021. Have fun and enjoy!


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Feel free to print this for your own personal or classroom use and share it, however no permission is given to sell any printables on this site. All rights reserved.

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