Monday, April 22, 2013

How Moms Can Deal With Sleep Deprevation

Every mom knows what it's like when your child has been up most of the night. A baby with colic, a toddler teething or even an older child with a fever or ear infection. It happens to all of us.

So what do you do the next day after a night of almost no sleep?

Give Yourself a Break
First and foremost give yourself a break. Take the day off. Even stay at home moms need to take the next day off. Take it easy. Leave the dishes soaking in the sink. Forget the laundry for one day.  Don't worry about cleaning. It will all be there tomorrow.

Nap With Your Child Naps
I always advise new moms to sleep when their babies do. Your health depends on sleep. Without sleep you can become irritable, less able to focus, forgetful, and, in extreme cases, you run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel or another time that could cause harm to your baby, yourself and possibly others.

Seek Help
First off you and your spouse or partner could take turns getting up with the child. It makes no sense to have both parents sleep deprived. If that is not possible, ask a family member or friend to come help watch your child while you get some sleep. If you are a new mom this is especially important because your situation isn't going to stop in a day or two like a child who is just ill. You need to get caught up on your sleep.

Eat Well/Stay Fit
Make sure you eat a well balanced diet. If you aren't hungry just eat a smaller amount. Moms need to keep healthy so they can care for their family. A sick mom has no energy to care for their family or themselves. So take the baby for a gentle stroll through the neighborhood and show him or her off to everyone. If your child is sick do a couple simple stretches or turn on some music and slow dance holding your child.

Sleep is very important to your health and the health of your family. We've all been through sleepless nights with our kids, but sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of problems. You can help avoid problems by napping with your child, getting help from family members and friends and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and most importantly taking it easy.

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