Thursday, April 04, 2013

Love, Love

Okay I know I've mentioned this site before but I really do love freecycle!

Look what I picked up this morning.

See my oldest was really needing a place to do her homework and we just don't have the funds right now, so I asked on my local freecycle. To my surprise I received 4 offers. WOW!!!

This one is a nice size and I can refinish it to make it fit her very bright and colorful style. It's also made quite well - all good quality wood.

BUT freecycle isn't just about getting free stuff. I donate clothes my kiddos have outgrown, toys they no longer play with and even household items we no longer use.  It's a great way to keep clutter from your home. Pass on things you no longer use to people who really want them.

This cute desk will get many years of use left in my home, but the previous owner didn't have a use for it anymore. Win-win. They get it out of their home where it was taking up space and we get a neat desk for the kids to do their homework. (Look for the desk's updated look in a post soon.)

Feel free to visit their website and find a chapter near you.

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