Friday, April 05, 2013

Freebies on Friday - April 5, 2013

This week I found lots of neat stuff. First I included a couple ebooks. These cover some topics of interest to me. I love organizing and gardening, but you may not know I'm a massage junkie. Every year I get a professional massage for Christmas or my birthday and beg my hubby for a back massage on a regular basis. If money were no object I would definitely go to massage school because of how relaxing it feels.

Anyways, I also included an ebook on "bugging in". Don't freak out. I think it really applies to a wide range of situations - not just Zombie Apocalypse. LOL

For example, I live on the East Coast of the US and we face hurricanes, powerful windstorms and snow storms and we never know when we will be forced to stay home for days on end because of a storm. This book could help deal with no power, no water, what about food, blocked roads because of downed trees, etc. Emergency situations don't have to be man made they can be natural as well, so for this book keep an open mind. :)

Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive)

Stress Free Organization For Your Child: How To Get Your Child Involved In Cleaning And Organizing Their Spaces While Still Having Fun

Therapeutic Shiatsu Massage for the Beginner

Smart Gardening: How To Grow Your Best Vegetable Garden (Gardening Essentials Series)

In addition to the ebooks above it like to include other fr*ee stuff I've found online throughout my searches. This week I'm including these really cute American Girl doll  patterns.

My youngest loves her 18" dolls and so I'm always hunting for patterns to make her more clothes. Here are a couple good and fre*e ones I found online.

American Girl Doll - Royal Bridesmaid Dress Pattern
This is adorable and fits 18" dolls.  Easy to understand instructions with photos.

18" doll T-Shirt Pattern
Love this one it has little ruffle going down the front which is optional.

Historical Dresses like those in the American Girl Doll Catalogs

Adorable Drawstring Dress
This is soo cute! I've made this one a couple times. There is also a link on the page in case you don't want to go through the shopping cart. It takes you directly to the PDF.

Hope you enjoyed the fun things I've found today. See you Monday!

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