Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Strap Perfect Saved My Night

I've seen these on television and to be honest never actually considered buying them. I'm strickly a t-shirt kind of gal. The only time I ever dress up is each June when my hubby and I go to a graduation for his students.  This year I found the most beautiful dress, but couldn't find a bra that fit and wouldn't show. I had picked out a Mock Halter dress from JCPennys like this one only black. I searched for about a month with no luck.

In talking with my sister one day, she happened to mention she had 2 packages of these that her friend had given her. She offered one set to me - which I gladly accepted. I didn't really think much of them at first. They are little plastic clips.

Boy was I surprised. I tried on my dress with one of my normal bras and the clear clip. It worked great. Plus I couldn't even tell it was there. I wore it all evening long (sitting and standing) and it stayed put and was pretty comfortable. I'm telling everyone because I like to share when something I buy works for me. Many people are skeptical buying off the television - I know I am.

So anyways, I have to say this is a really great invention. Congrats to the person who created them. I would definitely recommend  buying the Strap Perfect. They are small, affordable, and they work.

* By the way, I was in no way compensated for my opinion or for purchasing this product or any other product. I freely share my own experiences to help others make better, more informed shopping decisions.

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