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Home Yoga Workouts Help Reduce A Mom's Stress

Home Yoga Workouts Help Reduce A Mom's Stress
By Pascale Vandenbroucke

If you are like many moms, your day never seems to be over. When your stress levels are climbing and you just can't seem to catch a break, try turning to a few calming exercise videos. Exercise gets your blood pumping and puts your muscles to good use, allowing your body and mind to focus on something other than the stressful situations that are getting you down.

Yoga is ideal for exercising at home because it requires little to no specialized equipment, there are plenty of online exercise videos with dozens of different moves to try, and can be done in almost any room. The beauty of yoga routines is that they can be as long or as short as you need them to be, and many exercise videos feature combinations of moves that work specific areas of the body which is something many women appreciate. By combining any of the following moves you can easily devise your own home yoga workouts! Simply select a move / pose, hold it for about 10 seconds, and release. You can then begin your next move or end your workout, it's entirely up to you!

Five yoga poses to help reduce a mom's stress

1) The Arms Overhead Position - Sit or kneel on the floor. Next, slowly lift your arms over your head and lace your fingers together once your arms are fully extended. For maximum benefit, try to keep your spine as straight as possible.

2) The Arms in Front Position - Similar to the Arms Overhead position, make sure that you are seated or kneeling with your arms fully extended and your fingers laced together. Instead of having your arms extended above your head however, in this position you should lean forward, gently rounding your spine. You should feel the muscles between your shoulder blades working with this one!

3) The Reclining Cobbler Position - Find a small cushion or roll up a throw blanket for use with this position. Lay back with your cushion / blanket positioned vertically, supporting your head and shoulders. Put your feet together with the soles touching and try to touch the floor with your knees.

4) The Child's Position - Kneel down and rest with your bottom against your heels. Slowly lean forward until your forearms are resting on the floor. Elongate your neck, take a deep breath, and exhale. You can use your cushion / blanket roll to support your upper body during this exercise if needed.

5) The Supported Bridge Position - Place your cushion / blanket on the floor and lay down on top of it with it supporting your hips. Arch your back gently, feeling the muscles in your hips and abdomen engage. Hold this position as long as you can, and then relax.

You can find moves like these and many more in the wide variety of exercise videos that are available online! Even the busiest of moms will be able to appreciate the stress-reducing properties of a relaxing yoga workout at home.

Pascale Vandenbroucke is the Creative Director of Workouts On Demand. They offer instant access to over 200 online exercise videos for only pennies a day.

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