Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week #9 on Weight Watchers 360

It is week #9 on Weight Watchers 360° and I lost 1.2 pounds. I had fun this week. I started exercising.

Since I started to exercise on a regular basis I've noticed I have lots more energy and a more positive attitude. Plus, I wanted everyone to realize that exercise can actually be fun. Really!

When most people think of exercise they automatically assume it means going to a gym. I want to mention a couple ways you can exercise that don't involve going to a gym. Hopefully you will find something that you enjoy.

This is the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to exercise. There is no special equipment necessary - all you need are a pair of regular sneakers. It can be done almost anywhere anytime. Lots of people walk during their lunch break, first thing in the morning or after their dinner in the evening.

You can make it even more enjoyable by listening to a mp3 player with your favorite songs.  Just try picking songs that have a good beat to walk to.

Walking is also a great way to clear your head at the end of a long, stressful day. You can also make it a family event by taking the whole family along with you.

Video Games
There are loads of video games to choose from Just Dance, Dance Central, Wii Fit, AE Sports Active 2, Biggest Loser Workout, Zumba and more.  Depending on what you enjoy doing, sports, dance, yoga or old fashioned exercises, there are a couple games to chose from for each gaming system.

These are great for the person who do not want to exercise in front of others or cannot get out for whatever reason (ex. caring for kids, no vehicle).

My absolute favorite is Just Dance 4. My daughter and I compete to see who can get the highest score. I also like Wii Fit Plus' yoga, snowball game, rhythm parade, and ski jump.

This is probably the easiest activity if you are concerned about your joints. If you have a pool at home or a community pool this is a great option. However, you will need to find another exercise for winter months if your pool is outside.

This is my favorite type of exercise. Simply turn on your favorite type of music and start moving. If you start to get tired switch to marching in place or stepping side to side. Get that heart pumping.

Basically find an exercise you like and then do it everyday. Shoot for 30 minutes or more each day. Work up to it if you have to. You should start to feel more energetic in no time and of course you can track your activity points on Weight Watchers Online.

* This post is sponsored by Weight, but ALL opinions are completely mine and 100% honest. These are my actual experiences and feelings about following Weight Watchers 360° online program.

**  People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Copycat KFC Cole Slaw Recipe

This really does taste like KFC's cole slaw. I can't claim credit for this one. I found it here:

I've served this a couple times and get lots of rave reviews each time. 

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup buttermilk
2 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
8 cups finely chopped cabbage (about 1 head)
1/4 cup shredded carrot (1 medium carrot)
2  tablespoons minced onion

1. Be sure cabbage, carrots and onion are chopped into very, very tiny pieces. Put in a large bowl.
2. In a separate bowl mix mayonnaise, sugar, milk, buttermilk, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Mix until well blended and smooth.
3. Pour liquid mixture over cabbage, carrots and onion mix. Stir well.
4. Cover and refrigerate. Best served chilled.

Serves 8-10.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My First Attempt at Canning Pickles

This week I tried my first attempt at canning pickles. I've got a ton of them in my garden. I only planted 3 small plants, but I'm getting lots of small 3-5" pickles. They were specifically for pickling.

Okay don't get all impressed.  I used a packet of seasonings that I bought last year in clearance. It didn't have an expiration date, so I gave it a try.

It's pretty easy. Start with a bunch of cucumbers. Size doesn't really matter. Smaller sized cucumbers are easier to fit into the jars and fill small spaces.

Cut them up into slices (crinkle cut if you can). You can also cut into length-wise strips as well. It's your preference really.

Next start putting the cut up cucumbers into clean, sterilized jars. Any size jar will work. I had pint size jars on hand so that's what I used.

Now it's time to make the liquid that will make the cucumbers taste like pickles. I used the package of seasoning mix, but you can follow any recipe you wish. There are lots available for free on the web. Mostly it spices and lots of white vinegar.

Once your liquid is complete according to your recipe's directions, add the hot liquid to the jars full of cucumber slices. I found it much easier to use a funnel (which can be found in most dollar stores). Leave 1/2" from the top of the jar with no cucumbers or liquid.

After you add the liquid seasoning, be care because the jars will be hot. Wipe the jar with a dry towel, especially around the top rim. Add a dry, clean and sterilized lid and ring and tighten.

Add all the jars to a canning pot. Once the water is boiling, let the jars remain in there for 5-10 minutes or however your recipe calls for.

After the jars were boiled for the designated time remove them to a towel on the counter.  Let the jars remain their for 24 hours to cool thoroughly. You may hear them pop as they cool.

My recipe said they were ready to eat after 24 hours, but we waited 2 days to try them. Let me just say- Yummy!!  Next time I will try sweet pickles, because I still have a ton of cucumbers growing. We will be eating pickles forever! LOL

Feel free to leave a comment with your pickling stories.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Freebies on Friday - July 26, 2013


A Simpler Season

The Best Homemade Cleaners: Recipes To Make Your Own Cleaning Products And Save!

The New Green Family Guide: A Beginner's Guide to Going Green as a Family (Green Matters)

100 Activities To Do As A Family This Summer

Tax Free Shopping Weekends - here's a list of the various states offering the tax free weekends.
Finish Quantum Lemon Sparkle - free dishwashing sample
Escada Fragrances - free perfume sample

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Something to Make You Laugh

Here is a couple things just to make you laugh today.

The first video is just like America's Funniest Home Videos. Please excuse the message toward the beginning. I didn't make this - just found it on YouTube.

I have to admit is I find the next photo's jokes funny. That's just how I am.

My boy still occasionally plays with Legos and I always seem to step on the one Lego he forgot to pick up.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week #8 Weight Watchers 360

It is week #8 on Weight Watchers 360° and I didn't lose any pounds, but I've lost a few inches. I'm a little disappointed because I stayed within my points and still didn't lose any pounds, but inches will do.

I've been more committed than ever to losing weight. I love that my smaller clothes are starting to fit and my stomach is getting flatter. It's really exciting.

This week I wanted to warn against drinking a bunch of extra calories. It seems even the beer companies are getting in on the low calorie craze with their 64 calorie beer commercials. They are right - you don't want to waste all those calories on a drink - do you???

You may be surprised to see how much sugar is in your drink.  By the way, this would make a great science project. Here are a couple examples.

Vitamin Water (20 oz bottle)   8 tsp
100% Apple Juice (10 oz)   10 tsp
Coca Cola (12 oz can)   10 tsp
Snapple Lemon Ice Tea (11.5 oz)   10 tsp
Mountain Dew (12 ounce can)   11.5 tsp
Monster (12 oz)   13 tsp
Welch's Grape Juice (10 oz)   15 tsp

Reduce flavored drinks and stick with regular plain tap water most of the time. Save your calories for something nutritious, filling and tasty too.

* This post is sponsored by Weight, but ALL opinions are completely mine and 100% honest. These are my actual experiences and feelings about following Weight Watchers 360° online program.

**  People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Clean Ink off Dolls

How many times have one of your kids decided to draw "make-up" on their dolls with a permanent marker? What about an ink pen?

Well I've thrown away dolls that had their faces covered in ink and marker before.

Not anymore!

I found a way to get all the ink and pen marks off your dolls. The magic ingredient only cost $10 or less.

I started with a Next Generation Doll (sold at Target and similar to American Girl Dolls).  I found it at a local Goodwill store for less than $2.

The doll had lots of pen marks on her face, even eyelids. I figured magic eraser would get it right off.

Well I was wrong, but I didn't want to throw the doll away or donate it back to Goodwill in that condition. So I did some digging online to find out how to get the ink off.

I found a magic solution. It's 10% benzoyl peroxide - it's found in acne medicines. Yep acne medicine!

First you take the acne medicine and apply it to the pen marks and marker marks.  Next you take some ordinary plastic wrap and place it over the marks and acne medicine.

Now the part where the magic happens. Take the doll outside and place it in the sun. I recommend covering the dolls hair because it could dry the hair out.

Okay so here is how the doll looked after 3 weeks of the acne cream on the doll left inside by a window.  It did manage to get all the ink off, but not the marker. That's when I learned it works much better outside in the direct sun while wrapped in plastic wrap.

FYI: This doll has freckles.

This is what it looks like after 3 hours in the sun outside. It works much faster and better!!

This treatment works on Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, and most baby dolls. Just make sure you check the dolls every once in a while because the treatment can bleach the skin.

Hopefully this will help you save a doll in your little one's life. I'm off to save more dolls.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick Science Experiment Thats Fun for Little Kids

Today the kids and I had fun with some common household stuff to make a fun weather related activity.

This is a quick, easy and inexpensive little experiment, but it demonstrates what happens when too much liquid fills up the clouds. It rains food coloring down to the bottom. Perfect for homeschooling families wanting a quick science lesson.

First you need a small clear glass, regular tap water, some shaving cream and food coloring.

Next fill the glass about 2/3 of the way full of water.

Spray shaving cream on top of the water so it looks like a cloud or mountain on top.

After putting shaving cream on top slowly drip some food coloring (darker colors work better). Watch what happens in the water.

You can continue to add more food coloring - even multiple colors.  See how it changes the colors at the bottom in the water.

Have fun playing with this experiment.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Freebies on Friday - July 19, 2013

This week I've included three ebooks that I hope you will find helpful. Easy recipes in jars is a great gift idea anytime of year. Plus who couldn't use a program that shows them how to get fit and healthy in no time flat. Lastly, if you like gardening, like me, you will find the last ebook interesting. It talks about which plants grow well together.

Sorry, there are only 2 freebies this week. Severe thunderstorms in my immediate area are forcing me off my electronics early today. I'll be sure to add extra next week.


100 Easy Recipes In Jars

No Gym, no Time, No Problem

A Beginners Guide to Companion Planting: Companion Gardening with Flowers, Herbs & Vegetables (Simple Living)

Eucerin Professional Repair Extremely Dry Skin Lotion free sample
Animal Parade KidGreenz Children's Chewables Hypo-allergenic, gluten free and vegetarian. Tropical fruit flavored.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Really Cool School Supplies

As I mentioned before I love school supplies, so today I thought I would share a couple really cool school supplies I have found in my travels over the web.

1. Disguise Your Lunch.
Adorable sandwich bags are sure to be a hit with almost any kid.

2. DCI Yummy Pocket Taco
This cute pouch is the perfect place to store lunch money, house key, cell phone, etc. Hamburgers, cookies, sushi, hot dogs and more are also available.

3. Teddy Bear USB Drive
This is perfect for little kids or older ones with a slightly twisted sense of humor.

4. Pencil Knee High Socks
These are too cute. Great for teachers or your favorite teacher's pet.

5. A Magnetic Chandelier for Your Locker
Brighten up all the dark spaces of your locker with this neat light.

* All the links in this post are affiliate links. All other links are not affiliate links and I am not compensated in any way if you visit or purchase from them.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week #7 on Weight Watchers 360

Well this week on Weight Watchers 360°  I managed to lose 4 1/2 pounds. I found some low point value foods I really like.  Basically, I made the system work for me, so I get to eat foods I like and still stay within my point limit. It's easier to stick with it when you like the foods and you don't feel like your missing out on what you love.

One thing I found that I really, really like is scrambled egg whites. Then I add 2 tablespoons of salsa and mix it all up. For a total of 1 point. Awesome!!!  This coming from the person who really doesn't like "diet" food.  I admit it - I'm a fast food lover.

I don't eat out at fast food restaurants a lot, anymore. However, I lost 60+ pounds on Weight Watchers a couple years ago and I ate out every weekday. It was easy because I worked odd hours, had little time, and all the food's point values were listed online.

I'm not, by any means, suggesting you eat out every day to lose weight. I'm only saying you can lose weight even if you need to eat out occasionally. The key is to find healthy choices. A regular hamburger and side salad are usually my meal of choice because I love burgers.

I've only found a couple occasions where the information wasn't listed in Weight Watcher's food point tracking system. It was smaller restaurants, homemade foods, and restaurants having new menus. At which point I entered the restaurant and meal and "nutritional info" into There are lots of sites online that list all the nutritional information that you want.

Once you get the nutritional information, take that back to Weight Watchers online tracking and enter it to find the points value.

I'm almost down 10 pounds and am totally psyched! My clothes are getting loose and my stomach is getting flatter. LOVING this!!!

* This post is sponsored by Weight, but ALL opinions are completely mine and 100% honest. These are my actual experiences and feelings about following Weight Watchers 360° online program.

**  People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My First Harvest of the Year

I just started my garden in June, but I've already gotten delicious home grown veggies.  Okay so not a lot, but one bell pepper and 2 cucumbers. To be honest, I started my garden a little later than I normally do.

I don't mean to brag. I'm totally excited - I love free veggies!

It's really not too late to put a couple plants in the ground and start a garden of your own.  Especially a faster growing plant like cucumbers.

It's really easy. Put seeds in the ground, cover with dirt (preferably miracle grow potting soil) and add lots of water every day. Then let the sun do it's work. Just be warned cucumbers take up a lot of space and the vines grab hold of anything to spread out.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back To School Shopping on a Budget

It's my absolute favorite time of the year? Yes I am that mom from the Staples commercial (not really), but in spirit.

I love, love, love school supplies! I could easily go overboard spending on supplies each year, but I don't and you don't have to either.

Shopping for back to school isn't meant the "break the bank".  Unless, of course, you listen to all the television commercials and sales ads. The ones that say your child needs a whole new wardrobe, new backpack, lunchbox, folders, and more every school year.

Start off by creating a budget and be sure to add in for unexpected fees (planners, magazine fees, etc.).  Include school supplies, clothes, shoes, and anything else your school requires. Then go through the list and assign a dollar amount to each item. If you don't know how much it costs - then estimate it (over estimate it actually).

Yes, I know this post is called Back to School Shopping on a Budget, but the whole point is to make your money stretch as far as possible. It's not always about finding the cheapest price, because sometimes the cheapest priced item doesn't last very long. So here's how to buy the things your children need for school without having to replace them over and over again throughout the year.

One thing I really want to stress is purchase quality products. Believe me we went the other way for a while and it didn't work out well. Last year we purchased a good, quality backpack for each of my kids and they are able to use them again this year. The same with their lunchboxes and a couple folders.

Plastic pocket folders instead of regular pocket folders can last for years without a rip unlike the regular folders that rip in a couple months.

To start the school year off right I purchase a new outfit or two for each child. Notice I said outfit not wardrobe. I also purchase new shoes because most of the summer they wear flip flops and they usually have outgrown their old ones. Again these should be a good quality, but not necessarily expensive.  

I try to replace my children's clothes as they outgrow them. For example, if my son has a growth spurt and shoots up 2" causing all his jeans to be too short, I buy a couple pairs. I don't recommend buying a lot in advance because you can't predict how your kid will grow.

Stock Up on Sale Prices
However, while things are on sale I try to stock up on the basics such as pencils, paper, erasers, pens, glue sticks, etc.  The stuff that gets used up throughout the year and that costs more later.

Once you set a budget, then find the best quality merchandise you can find for that price.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Freebies on Friday - July 12, 2013

Good morning everyone! I found a couple good e-books and samples for you today. The cookbook has a couple recipes I'm looking forward to trying (mostly the 7 Layer Dip).  I'm also really considering getting a membership to Netflix, so if any of you are a member please let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy the freebies and see you on Monday! Have a great weekend!


The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook (The Book Blogger's Cookbook)

Another 81 Money Saving Tips: Incredible Ideas for Frugal Living (Volume 2)

Boost your child's confidence (52 Brilliant Ideas)

Purina Dog Chow Light and Healthy - get a one month free trial. Lots of television shows and movies delivered directly to your Wii, Xbox360, PS3 and more. See if you like it and if not cancel - no fees.
Herbal Essences Body Burst sample

* Please note the ebook links are affiliate links but at the time of this publication all the books were listed as free on All the remaining links are not-affiliate links and I am not compensated for sending people to any of them.