Thursday, July 18, 2013

Really Cool School Supplies

As I mentioned before I love school supplies, so today I thought I would share a couple really cool school supplies I have found in my travels over the web.

1. Disguise Your Lunch.
Adorable sandwich bags are sure to be a hit with almost any kid.

2. DCI Yummy Pocket Taco
This cute pouch is the perfect place to store lunch money, house key, cell phone, etc. Hamburgers, cookies, sushi, hot dogs and more are also available.

3. Teddy Bear USB Drive
This is perfect for little kids or older ones with a slightly twisted sense of humor.

4. Pencil Knee High Socks
These are too cute. Great for teachers or your favorite teacher's pet.

5. A Magnetic Chandelier for Your Locker
Brighten up all the dark spaces of your locker with this neat light.

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