Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Favorite Rainy Day Activities

It's raining off and on all day today, so I created a list of rainy day activities my kids could do because, of course, they're bored. LOL

Balloon volleyball
This one only requires a balloon (not helium) and something to be the net. We use a cushion or coffee table to be the net. I like this activity because it gets the kids up and moving.

Be a Star
Create your own movie. Lots of kids have their own iPod or DSi which allows them to record short videos, but most smart phones record videos as well.  The kids can dress up in costumes to put on a play or maybe show off their latest artwork, creations, or video game skills.

Arts and Crafts
My kids really like this Giant Rainbow Collage. We also have fun making stuff out of duct tape. Some of our faves are wallets, bags, covering notebooks, and pens/pencils. Another craft we have fun with on rainy days

Pitch a Tent
When it's been raining a couple days we like to set up a small tent in the living room and let the kids have an indoor "camp out".  They get out their sleeping bags, create a pretend campfire and eat marshmallows.

Cooking Up a Storm
When it's raining outside we bake up some cookies or a cake. Something fun and delicious. We get all messy and have a blast. Plus it makes the house smell good.

These are just a couple of my favorite rainy day activities that I do with my kids.

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