Monday, June 17, 2013

First Official Day of Summer

Today is my kids first official day of summer vacation and I've already experienced a complete meltdown, the "I'm Bored" complains, and the "Why can't I play on my iPod all day" questions. Really?!!

I'll admit it. This morning I let the kids sleep in (so I could sleep in, too).  I let them play their video games this morning while I got in the shower and all ready for the day.

However, I had lots to do today. Cleaning up after a weekend of messes, balance the checkbook, do the laundry, and lots of other normal household chores.  The kids wanted to sit around in their pjs all day playing video games.  Call me a mean old mom, but I don't want my kids to become couch potatoes all summer. I wanted to start the summer off right.

So for the first official day of summer vacation I had planned for them to play in the swimming pool, do one small workbook page (2-3 minutes of work tops), and maybe play some games.

They obviously had other plans.

Well after one major meltdown from my boy who didn't want to do any kind of work this summer and a temper tantrum from the cat after I cleaned his litter box. We managed to get onto my plan and with a low and behold they actually had fun. Shocker! (sarcastic)

I rounded up the family and laid down the plan so they know what to expect each day. A tiny bit of work in their workbooks (bridge from 3rd to 4th grade and 5th to 6th grade). Play in the pool or outside on the trampoline if it's nice. A craft or project of some sort and maybe a movie at night after dinner or sooner if it's rainy.

That left lots and lots of free time to play whatever they want and have some friends come over too. I'm hoping this isn't a sign of how the summer will turn out. Wish me luck!

So how is your summer going so far?

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