Friday, March 08, 2013

Fun Ways to Learn Online

Today I'm sharing a couple of my family's favorite educational sites. My kiddos use these sites to help them with their schoolwork. I love that they have fun learning and it doesn't cost me a dime.

Kids today have become so technologically advanced. Even babies and toddlers are using computers. Because of this, teachers and parents are working hard to use technology to making learning fun by turning it into a game. Kids learn and have fun at the same time. Win Win!
This is an amazing site. It is organized by grades 1-8 and by type of math game. I love that this site offers games for older kids as well, not just addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It also offers fractions, equations, integers as well. There are even a couple versions of Jeopardy to play in teams.

"Free Money Game" has really helped my daughter learn how to count money. She also uses the "Time Matching Game". These are fun ways for her to practice the skills she is learning in school.
What an awesome site! We especially love the Fruit Shoot Addition game. There are lots of really fun games that are appropriate for all ages, even high school and college. That makes this site even more valuable. Not many offer education games for older students. 

My oldest child uses their World Geography and US Geography games and tutorials to help with her homework. We also routinely play the US capitals game. Be sure to check out their chemistry section and science section - great for older students.
This site is geared toward elementary and middle school aged students. It is organized by grade level and is more like an arcade than the previous two sites. offers lots of games, but they also offer a couple books for kids to read online including a special version of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".  My youngest really enjoys doing the Mad Libs Jr games.

These three sites are some of my family's favorites. I feel good letting my kids play video games so long as they are learning at the same time. These sites offer a wide variety of games so they have plenty to choose from and don't get bored.

* I have not received any compensation for my mentioning of these sites. These are my own personal opinions and just really enjoy the sites and hope you will to.

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