Monday, October 01, 2012

Cold Weather and Socks

It's getting colder here and that means no more shorts, tank tops,  and flip flops. I personally love the fall. The leaves changing colors. Cooler weather. Cuddling up under quilts on cool nights.

Unfortunately it also means time to wear warmer clothing and my youngest daughter (8 yrs) absolutely cannot stand wearing socks. We know it's a sensory problem.

Last year she tried on at least 5 pairs of underwear each morning trying to find one that feels right. Next she put on a couple pairs of pants. Then she would have a crying fit because none of her socks fit right. The lines (seams) hurt her. My mother-in-law even went so far as to cut the toe area off the socks which my daughter also did herself with 6 pairs when she got home. Did I mention they were brand new socks?!

This year, thank God, she has gotten over her underwear issues, and has greatly improved in her pants problem. She even wore jeans that weren't skin tight this morning. However, she still has a major problem with her socks.

I would let her go without socks, but it makes her feet smell bad when she wears sneakers which she must wear for Phys. Ed. in school.

Just in case any of you are in a similar situation here are a couple things I do to keep the peace and reduce the smell.

* Put lots of baby powder in her shoes and on her feet. It absorbs the sweat, cuts the smell, and keeps her feet from getting blisters.

* Switch shoes often. She usually only wears sneakers on Phys. Ed days at school. Otherwise she can wear sandals, slip on shoes, or boots. This gives the shoes time to air out between uses.

* Only wear shoes outside. It is cleaner for your home to leave your shoes at the door anyways. That way you don't track dirt and germs throughout your house from your travels that day.

One thing I have learned over the years is to pick your battles. My daughter hates wearing socks. It's not like she's failing in school or doing drugs. I keep things in perspective. Plus I had the same issues when I was younger and I grew out of it. I'm sure she will too.

As a parent, how would you handle this issue?

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