Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Strap Perfect Saved My Night

I've seen these on television and to be honest never actually considered buying them. I'm strickly a t-shirt kind of gal. The only time I ever dress up is each June when my hubby and I go to a graduation for his students.  This year I found the most beautiful dress, but couldn't find a bra that fit and wouldn't show. I had picked out a Mock Halter dress from JCPennys like this one only black. I searched for about a month with no luck.

In talking with my sister one day, she happened to mention she had 2 packages of these that her friend had given her. She offered one set to me - which I gladly accepted. I didn't really think much of them at first. They are little plastic clips.

Boy was I surprised. I tried on my dress with one of my normal bras and the clear clip. It worked great. Plus I couldn't even tell it was there. I wore it all evening long (sitting and standing) and it stayed put and was pretty comfortable. I'm telling everyone because I like to share when something I buy works for me. Many people are skeptical buying off the television - I know I am.

So anyways, I have to say this is a really great invention. Congrats to the person who created them. I would definitely recommend  buying the Strap Perfect. They are small, affordable, and they work.

* By the way, I was in no way compensated for my opinion or for purchasing this product or any other product. I freely share my own experiences to help others make better, more informed shopping decisions.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Ways Moms Can Volunteer

As a stay-at-home-mom living on one income I find it hard to help out my fellow man. I don't make any money to donate to my favorite charities. I don't have a lot of time free (without kids) to volunteer places. So here are a couple ways we as stay-at-home-moms can help out.

1. Volunteer at schools - this is of course once your kids are in school or preschool. You can help out coping forms, help the teacher with individual work, not to mention field trips.

2. Volunteer at church - I don't just mean in the nursery. Fundraisers, soup kitchens, etc.

3. Help out the elderly in your community - Run errands for them such as picking up items from the grocery store or pharmacy. Visiting with them is another way to help out by making sure they are healthy or just having someone to talk with can make all the difference.

4. Of course there is babysitting. This is something you can do with your children present. We call them playdates.

5. Pitch in at sporting events - agree to bring in the team snack or drinks, help with fundraising ideas, or even sign up to wash the uniforms.

There are lots of ways moms can help give back to a community. Can you think of any others?