Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday - My Final Weigh in at Work

Well today was my final weigh in - at work at least. My work was holding a Biggest Loser Contest and I participated along with about 20 coworkers. The contest lasted 8 weeks.

I entered this week with a little confidence because I was in first place. Narrowly passing the person in 2nd place by 1/10%. I had managed to lose 3 lb this week by sticking to my Weight Watchers diet for a total of almost 15lb in 8 weeks.

Well I must admit I am totally disappointed because I didn't win. A much slimmer lady in 2nd place managed to lose 5lb this week. So today I sit quite disappointed, but I've decided I'm absolutely going to stick to my diet.

Sorry, about the depressing mood of this post. I just needed to vent. Tomorrow I will be my normal cheerful self again I promise. :)

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