Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Personalize $1 Store Calendars

You really can have a great looking fully functional calendar that fits your personality and your budget.

Lots of people use a $1 calendars or planners to keep track of their appointments, but I'm going to suggest using them for something else as well. Plus I'm also going to share with you an idea on how to decorate to make them more fitting to your life and personality.

First here are 4 ways to use a calendar besides keeping track of appointments.

1. Keep track of your finances. Write down every purchase on the corresponding date. Also write down when bills are due or need to be mailed and mark your paydays.

2. Write a couple words or even a sentence or two to describe your life on that day. One example would be "Date Night w/Hubby - Movies saw The Blind Side and ate dinner at my fave restaurant." Include everyday events and the special moments.

3. Instead of writing about your life -- write about your children's lives. A couple words each day to describe your child's development and daily life. Ex. Little Man took 5 steps in a row today or Becky had a field trip to the Zoo--she loved the monkeys.

4. Another option is to record you work schedule. Whether you work at home, from home or outside home you can keep track of which project your working on.

If you can't find any dollar calendars that fits your personality -- not a problem. Find a calendar that has the insides you life and can work with. Do you prefer monthly pages, weekly pages or daily pages? Do you want something that you can hang on the wall or fit in your purse?

If you like the insides, but the cover really isn't your taste here is a simple solution. If you are tiny bit crafty you can create a cover for your calendar. Here is a link to a great pattern to create a fabric book cover that you can customize to fit any size book. By visiting your local craft store you can find lots of fabrics in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to fit your personality.

There are lots of other uses for those $1 calendars in addition to the four listed above. Plus you can completely customize any calendar, so there's no need to go out and purchase one of those expensive day planner.

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