Monday, March 16, 2009

HMAH Tip # 21 Save Big with Club Cards & Mailing Lists

This next tip is pretty easy. Take advantage of the discounts offered by your favorite stores by signing up for their membership cards and mailing lists.

Grocery stores offer discounted prices and also free products. One example is the free turkeys and hams given away during the holidays. When you spend X amount on groceries you receive a free turkey for Thanksgiving or at the very least a turkey at a deep discount.

CVS offers bonus bucks or extra bucks. Visit this site to learn how to get products for free or deeply discounted.

Want to receive coupons to your favorite stores. It's as easy as signing up for their mailing list either online or in the store. Lots of stores mail out their latest sales flyer along with coupons for products and services.

Book stores and craft stores in my area do this all the time, and I love it. Borders and JoAnn Fabrics send out flyers with discounts about once a month. It's great getting sewing patterns for $1.99 instead of $12.95 each and books at 15% off.

Create a list of your favorite stores and then one-by-one see if they offer a discounts for joining their mailing list or creating an account online. It's another great way to save money.

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