Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HMAH Tip #20 Buy in Bulk

This tip just makes common sense. Save your family a bunch of money by avoiding individual sized packaging.

In my local grocery store items like these pretzels cost approximately $4.50 which is a lot of money when a regular size bag of the same product costs about $2.50 or less on sale. (Gotta love Snyder's Pretzels!)

Another example is to buy a larger package of chicken breasts the store because per piece it is almost always cheaper.

Make sure you calculate it out the per serving price - like I said it is "almost" always cheaper.

Now as you are putting the groceries away divide up the larger packages into smaller servings that are appropriate for your family or even single servings. This way you only have to defrost the amount you need for that meal. Also separate out the snacks into smaller snack-size servings, so your kids can just grab one to put in lunches or for an after school snack on their own.

Have fun shopping everyone :)


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