Sunday, March 08, 2009

HMAH Tip #18 Write at Night

This tip is really easy to do and an excellent way to sleep better. For this tip all you have to do is write before you go to bed at night.

Now I know what you may be thinking who has time to write each night when I have to get the kids in bed, pick up stuff around the house, spend some time with my hubby and I want some time to relax myself. All I suggesting is righting a paragraph or more if you feel up to it.

Here's what you write: a to-do list of things to do tomorrow or things you didn't get done today and a brief summary of what happened today. The summary of the day is pretty important because you'll want to list events that made you happy, mad, sad, confused, etc. Get it off your chest. No one needs to see the stuff you write - you can even throw them away once your done.

The main reason for writing before you go to bed is to "download" or "dump" all the thoughts floating around in your minds. Keeping you up at night. This will also help you remember all those important details that are usually forgotten by morning.

Give this tip a try and see if you are able to sleep a little better at night.


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