Thursday, March 05, 2009

Electro-Shock Therapy Killed My Phones

Here's something that has happened to me recently that you may give you a chuckle. Over the past 2 weeks I've zapped two phones and killed them. Yes, I've actually made two of our phones completely stop working, by zapping them with static electricity. One was a cordless attached to the base and one was corded.

The bad part was you could actually see the arch of electricity come out of my finger tip. It was quite painful. My family laugh their heads off at me getting shocked all the time (sick joke about electro-shock therapy). I even touched other metal objects (ie. light switch, door knob, etc.) Nothing worked.

After 2 weeks, I finally remembered there is a great product out now called "Static Guard". I haven't needed Static Guard for 15 years. I just spray the living room carpet twice a day to get rid of the static electricity.

Finally, my electro-shock treatments have ended ;)

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