Friday, January 23, 2009

HMAH Tip #5 Cheap Way to Clean Windows

Today's tip is to use rubbing alcohol to clean your windows and mirrors. It's both cheaper and works just as good as the more expensive glass cleaners.

First go to any Dollar Store or your grocery store and buy a plain bottle of rubbing alcohol and an empty squirt bottle. Fill the squirt bottle with the alcohol and start cleaning. Both items together will cost about $2 which is much less than the almost $4 for Windex or similar items.

In addition to costing less rubbing alcohol also works just as good as the name brand window cleaners. Just spray onto your windows or mirrors and wipe off. Plus, no streaks. It works great with paper towels, rags or even newspaper.

This is just another way to save a little bit of money and keep your house clean.

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