Friday, January 23, 2009

Beginners Get Fit With Wii Fit

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With 2/3 of Americans considered obese, the Wii Fit is an excellent tool to get people moving. It is perfect for people just starting an exercise regime, embarrassed to attend weekly meetings, or too busy to go to the gym a couple times a week.

It's Fun
First of all, the Wii Fit is fun. Seriously, try not to laugh when your Mii (your character) is getting hit in the head with a stuffed panda head or soccer shoe. Plus, when was the last time you saw your Aunt Sue hula hoop? What about your kids trying to balance on one foot without falling?

Makes You Sweat
You may be thinking, "Can I really get a decent workout with a video game?". Well the answer is yes! You get easily break a sweat while hula hooping for 3 minutes straight or jogging around on the Wii Fit Island. There is also boxing and step aerobics mini games.

Easy to Use
It is easy to use at any age. Whether your 5 or 75. The game records your weight, BMI, tracks how many minutes you've been training, when you worked out last, and even provides motivational tips. There are easy to follow demos or directions for every game. All you need to do is pick and chose which mini games you want to try.

Variety of Games
All games help improve your balance, flexibility and strength - something almost every American could improve on. There are yoga moves, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. Almost anything you could do in a gym you can do on your Wii Fit including boxing, step aerobics, jogging, yoga, and lots, lots more.

Better than a Gym
The absolutely best reason Wii Fit is perfect for beginners is you can use it in the privacy of your own home. No need to pay for expensive gym memberships and then drive there a couple times a week. You don't have to feel self-conscience working out in front of others. There's no big, bulky equipment to buy. Plus, no meetings with embarrassing weigh-ins.

Wii Fit has all the elements to get you started with an exercise regime. It will make you sweat and get your heart pumping. It has a variety of games to choose from, so you won't lose interest fast. You won't need to travel to a gym or pay those pricey monthly dues because it can be done in the comfort of your home. Best of all, it's fun and easy to use.

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