Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gardening for Free

One of my favorite summer past times is growing a garden.

Mostly I try to grow vegetables such as cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers, green beans, onions, potatoes and tomatoes, etc.

This year my family became addicted to guacamole. Joking my kids said we need a guacamole section in our garden. I have the cilantro, green onions and even planted an avocado seed. See how much it's grown.

After many failed attempts at suspending the seeds in water like I've seen in online tutorials.  I ended up just planting it in a small pot of potting soil. Of course, the one in the pot of soil is the only one that grew and has been growing strong for a few months now.  I used a seed from avocado I bought at my local Aldi's.  I love to save seeds from peppers, apples, lemons, cantaloupes, watermelons, and pumpkins. If they grow great - if not it's not a bit deal.

Below is a photo of my veggie haul this week. My kids were helping and dug up some of the vegetables a bit early. 

This doesn't even include my green beans which we ate for dinner before I took the photos.

The best part is I used the seeds from the avocados I bought and also the peppers bought. Not a package of seeds. Some sprouted, a few didn't but it cost me anything. I bought the food to eat - the seeds were a bonus. You can do the same. It is pretty easy.

Feel free to share pictures of your gardens.  

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