Monday, January 19, 2015

I Have A Dream

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and he is famous for his "I Have A Dream" speech.  I thought I would share a dream of mine and a cute printable to help you achieve your dream as well.

I have had a dream for about 15 years now to be a stay at home mom and still contribute to my family financially.  My dream has come true to a degree, but I want to be able to contribute a bit more.

I've already started implementing this plan. I've brought in some extra cash using Walmart's Saving Catcher program, Swagbucks and am currently researching other avenues as well.

What have you always dreamed of doing? What does your dream life look like?

Once you figure that out - figure out a small step you can take today to move you toward your dream.  Anything is possible.

For Personal Use Only!

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