Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Make It Through the Winter and Still Have Fun

On a day when it's cold and snowy I'm dreaming of Spring. Warmer weather and planting my garden sounds wonderful right now.

Unfortunately, Spring is still a couple weeks away.

Here are a couple things you can do to get through the somewhat lonely, isolating winter months for those in cold weather areas.

1. Get Outside
I know it's cold and possibly snowy, but get outside. Breathe in fresh air. Get some sun. Even if it's only to run to the mailbox or to a store.

2. Read a Good Book
If you can't get out because of the weather - escape into a great book. Curl up with a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and get engrossed in a wonderful story.

3. Get Some Exercise
Many people pack on the pounds during the winter months, but there are plenty of things you can do to stay fit while remaining inside.  There are tons of dance, exercise, and sporting games on a variety of gaming systems. We love Just Dance and Wii Fit.

You don't need a gaming system to get fit, you can do yoga, Tai Chi, calisthenics (sit-ups, push-ups, jump rope, etc.), weight lifting or any number of exercise videos online.

4. Find a Hobby, Craft, or Project
Distract yourself by getting involved in a hobby or starting a craft or project. Find something you truly enjoy. Something like crochet, knitting, quilting, photography, scrapbooking, etc. Here is a link to a ton of hobbies in case you need suggestions.

5. Get Together With Friends and Family
Being around different people can really help lighten the mood. Let's face it being stuck with the same people can try everyone's nerves. Hosting a dinner party or movie night can be a great time for all. It can give you something to look forward to and lots to talk about after, as well.

So basically, get out, get moving, get around other people and start doing stuff. Keep busy and have fun!

Plus remember...

57 days until Spring

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