Monday, January 13, 2014

Save $$$ With DIY Appliance Repairs

For the past couple days I've been dealing with a really loud noise coming from my beloved vacuum cleaner.

I love my Dyson! I've had it for just over 5 years and have absolutely no complaints about the vacuum or the service from Dyson. By the way, I wasn't compensated in ANY way to say this - I just really like my vacuum.

Back story, since I've moved into this home I've had about 5 different vacuums. All broke within a year because we have 2 dogs, now 3 cats, 3 kids and a husband who works construction. Plus we live near the water, so we have sand everywhere. Oh and did I mention we have a massive static problem every winter.

Anyways, just over 5 years ago, we bought the Dyson DC-17 Animal vacuum. We've never had to pay for service or belts for the first 5 years. It was awesome.

Well around Christmas time, the vacuum started making a really loud noise - almost like a dying animal. I called Dyson service department and they walked me through fixing it myself. Saving me a boat load of money, because the alternative is a vacuum repair shop. does this help you.

Consult Your Owner's Manual
First and foremost, check the owner's manual. Hopefully you kept the owner's manual and are able to put your hands on it. If not, do a quick search online for it. Then you will be able to read it or print out to reference later.

Call Customer Service
Next time one of your appliances stops working correctly, call the company and ask for help. Sometimes they will point you in the right direction to repairing the problem and other times they will refer you to a repair company. It never hurts to ask what they think the problem may be.

Check out YouTube has a large number of videos that can show you how to make small repairs to almost any appliance.  Watch more than one, if possible, to get as much information as you can.

Google It
When all else fails you can search online for the solution to your problem.

Please be careful you consider doing DIY projects for the first time. Obviously, make sure all appliances are unplugged, disconnected from power and water before you do anything else. Also, allocate extra time, so you have time to figure everything out and don't feel rushed.  Lastly, don't take on a project that you don't feel comfortable with - there is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a professional to complete a job that is above your comfort level. Start small and you will learn as you go.

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