Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tips to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

I know Christmas isn't over yet, but I thought I'd share some tips for organizing your holiday decorations before you put them away for the year.

Most people decorate their home pretty much the same way each year, so this will help speed up the process of putting up and taking down your decorations.

One Box Method

Put one box in the middle of each room and fill it with the decorations in that room. My Aunt Lisa suggested this one. That way each year, packing away the decorations is quick and easy.  Putting them up the next year will be easy, too. Just label the box "Living Room Christmas" or whatever room/holiday.

Label Each Box
We have accumulated a lot of holiday decorations over the years. Each year we end up going through all the decorations to see what we want to display that year. It takes a while and we end up using the same ones each year.

One way to avoid going through every decoration is to put a special symbol or even the year on a sticker on the boxes with decorations you actually used that year. Put a tree on the your Christmas decorations, a pumpkin on Halloween decor, and maybe a bunny on Easter items.

When you are getting your decorations out or when you are putting them away, donate what you no longer want or use. Let others enjoy what you no longer want and you can enjoy the fact that you don't have to store it anymore.

Please feel free to share your holiday decoration tips by leaving a comment.

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