Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm A Sucker for Strays

The kitten looked just like my "Midnight" above.
I was up all night last night worrying about a little kitten.

It started when my hubby got home from work. He showed up with a kitten in his hands. Yep. It even looks exactly like my much older cat (16 years old) though no possible relation.

The little kitten was adorable, but it was scared to death. Hubby had heard it meowing under a neighbor's car. The little thing couldn't be more than a couple weeks old.

When hubby brought it in the house all my kids ran to get a look and scared it even worse. It started to claw to get away and jumped out of his hands and ran out the door that was still cracked a bit.

Well, being an animal lover, I had to make sure it was okay. I asked all my neighbors if the kitten was theirs, but no one claimed it.

We found it hiding under another car down the street - meowing. Then we saw another slightly bigger cat - the mama - we assume.

It was freezing (20 degrees) here in the east and was getting colder by the minute.

My oldest brought some cat food from the house in a small bowl to see if they wanted food. Hoping we could catch them and bring them in overnight to stay warm.

They were starving. They ate all the food in no time at all.

Then the kitten started rubbing up against my hand. It even let me pick it up. I cuddled it a little to warm it up. It was very friendly. I fell for this little kitten fast.

I was enjoying all the cuddling right up until the kitten saw my hubby walking towards us. Then that little kitten jumped right out of my arms and ran across the street. That started the mama cat meowing for her baby and the kitten meowing for it's mama.

Hubby and I tried to get the kitten to come back out but to no avail. We even got other neighbors involved in trying to help keep these cats warm and safe.

I still worried about those adorable little felines freezing or getting eaten by foxes. My imagination wanders.

Then God pointed something out to me. He made those cats and is watching over them. I can put food out for them, but ultimately it's up to Him what their fate will be.

That's when I let the worrying go - I've done all I can. I put out food and a little shelter for them to get out of the elements - it's up to them to eat it/use it.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them today. I continue to pray for them and leave them in God's capable hands.

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