Monday, October 28, 2013

More Cool Products to Brighten Your Day

Here are a couple products that I thought you might find funny or cool.  Just thought I would keep it light today.

Glowing Memo Alarm Clock
This is perfect for the doodler in your family. Great for notes: upcoming tests, etc.

Glow in The Dark Toilet Paper
Just in case you need help finding the toilet paper in the middle of the night.

2014 Bubble Calendar- A Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday
This is 4' tall and almost 18" wide. Great for kids, teenagers and adults alike. Pop one bubble a day if you can.

This adult size sleeping bag is perfect for a Jaws or Shark Week fan.

Lego Mug
Perfect for your little guy's hot chocolate or chicken noodle soup.

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