Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stuff to Do on Vacation Rainy Days

You and your family are on vacation and unfortunately it starts to rain. Whether it rains for a couple hours or couple days. Your vacation isn't ruined just because it's raining. Here are a couple activities your family can do when the rain comes down.

Find a local art gallery and view works by local artists. There are many children's museums throughout the country as well as lots of historical museums. Just be mindful that many other people will have the same idea, so plan for crowds or get there early. 

Laser Tag
For more active folks, try an indoor laser tag facility. Kids and adults can run around hunting the other team in hopes of winning. There are usually a limited number of people that can be on a team, which works out when other places are really crowded.

Mini Golf
Most popular tourist destinations have at least one indoor mini golf place, so you can play regardless of the weather outside. This is always a good option, because family members of almost all ages can play.

Aquariums are always a nice option. Walk around and view all the animals at your own pace. Many will allow strollers and even have interactive displays for younger children.

Art/Craft Businesses
For a more hands-on activity try a local arts and crafts business. Some offer make and paint pottery, while others offer make your own jewelry or scrapbooking classes.

Of course, shopping is always an option when it's raining. It's a nice time to find a souvenir to bring home. Just be warned that the stores are usually crowded on rainy days. Try smaller specialty shops or boutiques to find unique gifts as opposed to big malls or chain stores.

If being outside in the rain doesn't bother you - you can always go fishing (you may need a license). The fish really don't care if it's raining.

There are lots of rainy day activities to choose from when you are on a family vacation.

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