Thursday, June 20, 2013

Technological Difficulties

I want to apologize for my blog posts coming so late in the day lately.  See during the school year I had time to work on my posts on my daughter's laptop anytime I wanted. Now with all three kids home with me - we are all fighting for time online and buying another laptop/computer right now is not an option.

We are still a one income, one vehicle and one computer family and we're fine with that. It's still the first week of summer break for my kiddos, so we are still creating our own routine.

Thankfully, their grandmother is taking them to an amusement park tomorrow with some friends and I will have the whole day to hopefully write and schedule some posts. Many posts like my Weight Watchers ones will still need to be updated that day just like my Freebies on Friday posts.

So basically I'm asking you to please bare with me as we are trying to get our summer routine together.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

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