Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day or End of Year Gift

If you have kids in elementary school than you've probably heard of Teacher Appreciation Day. My question is why celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day with a gift in May only to give another gift to thank them at the end of the school year?

Now don't get me wrong I really like my kids' teachers. Actually they've had some of the coolest ones ever, seriously! I truly appreciate all their hard work, but I seem to be buying gifts for them around every turn. If I said yes to every request I'd spend a fortune.

I've worked with teachers for a couple years and have been friends with a fair number over the years.  Many I've spoken with would love nothing more than a sincere thank you note from a parent every once in a while. They'd also really like the parent to volunteer and help out in the classroom every once in a while. See what the teacher experiences day in day out - then you will really appreciate them.

I'm sure most parents want to help your child's teacher improve their classroom, but can't always donate time or money. One teacher, who taught all three of my kids, put up a poster board with sticky notes for all to see during conference time. The poster board was full of sticky notes with anything she wants or needs for her classroom. That way if any parent wants to donate or help out at any time during the school year, they knew what she wants or needs. Everything from stickers, popsicle sticks, dry erase markers, even a camera for the classroom. Much of it was stuff many of us have laying around the house being unused.

The question though is why give a gift for both? Some parents/schools go overboard, in my opinion, asking parents to donate toward a teacher gift a couple times a year. While I don't give in to peer pressure, I do sometimes question which holiday to follow.

Do some parents actually give a gift to their child/children's teacher 2-3 times a year (Teacher Appreciation Day, End of the Year not to mention Christmas)?!! That's becomes a bit costly especially if you have more than one kid.

So I decided this school year that I wouldn't celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and give an End of the Year Gift. I give a donation to a class gift for one and a hand written note from my child and I for the other day.

Feel free to share how you show appreciation for your child's teacher.

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