Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Printable To Do List

We'll over the weekend my hubby's vehicle, a 2005 F150, needed to be parked until we get all the parts for a bunch of needed repairs.

I'm normally fine with staying home, but lately I really started to miss my independence.  After 13 years of being able to go wherever I need to whenever I need to - it's a little hard.

So I created a list of all the projects I could do to help get my mind off being stuck at home. Some projects on my list include: massive spring cleaning, lots and lots of craft projects, planting my garden (later in the spring), home repairs such as painting, and working on my sites.

That got me thinking about a really cute printable I created and have been using - so I decided to share it. Hope you like it!

Feel free to print this for your own personal use and share it, however no permission is given to sell any printables on this site. All rights reserved. 

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