Friday, March 01, 2013

Growing Lima Bean Plants from Seeds

A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter came home from school with a science experiment her class had done. They were learning how to grow sprouts from seeds. It's a wonderful science lesson for any age.

Basically my daughter's teacher bought dry lima beans at the store. Soaked them overnight in water. Then during class the kids took 2-3 beans, wrapped them lightly in a damp paper towel, and stuck it in a clear sandwich bag.

Now some websites I've read said to hang the bag near the window. Little miss's was in her locker a couple days before she brought it home. It still worked though I wouldn't recommend it. Just make sure that paper towel stays damp not soaking wet.

Within a couple days it had sprouted and about a inch and half by the time she brought them home.  Being a garden enthusiast, I couldn't just throw away perfect good veggie plants. I put some soil from our back yard into a little pot and transplanted the spouts.

Then we placed the pot with the sprouts by a window sill with lots of light. She loves getting up each morning and watering her growing plants.

Here is what they look like 5 days after the first picture. We divided up the plants because they were growing so fast.

We hope to move them to our vegetable garden when the weather warms up.

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