Monday, February 13, 2012

Light Sensitivity and the Dentist

Okay, I don't think I've mentioned this before, but my son has a sensitivity to light.* He had said since the age of 4 or so that bright lights really hurts his eyes. Not just uncomfortable - it physically hurts.

He's 10 yrs old now and he's been going to the dentist since he was 5. Usually only for 15 minutes at a time for a cleaning. After a while we started to bring sunglasses so he could recline back in the dentist chair a little more relaxed. This has worked for him for a while.

In December we found out he needs some orthodontic work done that will stretch out his bite to make room for more teeth. He has had 4 appointments in January and February to get fitted for the appliance. Each visit he cries, sits up and complains it hurts his eyes. We've tried sun glasses, sleeping masks, and a combination of the two. Nothing helped.

Now let me just mention that we LOVE our dentist and orthodontist and their staff. I've always gone back to the office with him and stayed with him the whole time. Plus my daughter has been seeing this orthodontist since May - having braces and now a retainer. We have no problems at all with the dentist/orthodontist or their facilities.

Finally last Thursday we found a solution that worked for him even if only temporarily. He put on his winter hat with swim goggles underneath that were blacked out with paper. He still claimed to see light (amazingly), but was able to sit reclined in the chair off and on for 30 minutes. His longest time ever. We are so proud of him!

Just thought I would share this with everyone in case there were other parents out there trying to figure a way to help your child with light sensitivity. In my research I couldn't find much of anything on the web that helped us deal with this issue.  Hope it helps even one family out there! Please feel free to share your experiences by leaving a comment below. I'd love to hear them!

* My son has been tested and does not have any form of autism or ADHD. He also has been tested by a licensed eye doctor (optometrist). 

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