Monday, September 27, 2010

Kids Say the Darnest Things

I have 3 kids and work with a lot kids during my Recess Monitor job, so I hear a bunch of funny things in the course of a day. Here are a few I hear the past week.

- "There's a moron sale???"  - My 10 yr old heard there was "more on sale" on the radio and misunderstood.

- "It's like winter in my mouth" - My 6 yr old said after eating an ice cream.

- Two girls were playing at recess. There were running around acting silly. One came up to me and said don't worry we're just playing. "I'm pretending to have a brain disease." The other girl said "Yea, we have issues."

- "You smell so good  - just like bubble gum."

These were just a couple of the cute things kids say. They are so honest.

Just a note to the moms and dads out there - kids share all sorts of details with anyone who will listen. You may want to be careful because your kids are always listening and watching.  I hear all kinds of stories from the kids where I work.

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