Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sorry for My Absense

Sorry I didn't post anything for a couple weeks. I really felt I was getting out of balance. My family were starting to feel forgotten and home were becoming neglected. I spent some time getting unfinished projects done around my home, spending lots of quality time with my family and worked out a schedule so I can balance all my responsibilities. It's a dilemma many people face - balancing work and home.

Some really fun things that happened when I slowed my life down the past couple weeks was I found a 4-leaf clover patch in my yard. Just look at all the clovers I found - all the same day.  Then I found a 5-leaf clover in another spot in my yard. I told my hubby that we were going to fertilize that area so they keep growing back.

These haven't been altered in any way - they are REAL clovers.

On another note, I mentioned in previous posts that I am trying to lose weight and I just wanted to update my progress. I started Weight Watchers on 1/21/10 and as of yesterday I'm down 31 lb. That's the most I've ever lost and I'm not done yet.

Just a little note to update everyone - if anyone's even listening :(

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