Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday - Weight Watchers Online

I decided to share with you how I am losing weight while still eating my fave foods. Just so you know, I am not getting paid to promote Weight Watchers or in any way compensated. The program is working for me  and that's why I'm sharing it. I hope it may encourage someone else to consider trying it now or in the future. I have always tried to share companies, links, and resources that I thought were helpful and good, so others could benefit like I have.

So anyways, I signed up for Weight Watchers Online on January 21, 2010. I do not attend meetings - it's a personal choice. I keep track of all the foods I eat online, and don't have time to attend meetings right now. I have my own family and friends as a support group and that is working for me. So far I have lost 17.9lb and I continue to eat all the same foods I did before.  The only difference is I'm learning about portion sizes, and surprising to me I don't feel the least bit hungry.

Another change I have decided to make is I cut out all sodas. This was not something required on the diet plan - it was a personal decision. I used to drink a  2ltr bottle of caffeine free diet soda every day or two. The big thing I noticed I was never full - NEVER. I could eat and eat and eat and never feel full. Since I've cut out the soda - I feel great and get full or satisfied pretty quickly. It's great. You, of course, could be totally difference. This is what I feel and has happened to me.

If you are considering losing weight please check out all the various programs and see what works best for you. Decide if it fits into your schedule, if it allows you to eat what you really love to eat (at least occasionally) and is something you can stick to and affords. Remember there is no one program that is right for every person.

It cost approximately $56 for the first 3 months when I signed up in January. At that time they were having a promotion. Once my 3 month promotion period is over I will need to pay $17 a month which to me is well worth it. I still have a ways to go in working toward my goal weight. Hope you will join me :)

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, want to share your success stories or just need some encouragement in your own weight loss journey - I'd love to hear from you.

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