Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday - April Fool's Day Tricks

Since tomorrow is April Fool's Day I figured I'd share a couple of my favorite pranks with you along with some really funny hoaxes. Have a fun day!

  1. Put plastic wrap over the doorway - so the person walks right into it
  2. Put plastic wrap over the toilet bowl, but under the seat.
  3. Grease the doorknob with vegetable shortening, so they can't open the door.
  4. Hoaxes - here are the top 100
  5. Google Translate for Animals - Find out more about it here: 
  6. Serve your family fake food. Ice cream mashed potatoes, rice krispie meatloaf, etc. There are tons of recipes online.
  7. Get to work before your colleagues and turn their desktop display upside down through the display settings.
  8. If your kid/hubby/coworker/friend likes to store files on their desktop, create a new folder called “Trash” and move all of their desktop icons to it. This won't really trash them just put the inside a new folder.
  9. If your workstation is located really close to another person, unplug their mouse and plug your mouse into their computer. When they start up their computer and try to move their mouse cursor, move your mouse around instead. Try to keep a straight face! 
  10. Take a screenshot of your colleague’s computer desktop, set this image as the background and then move all of their desktop icons to a folder elsewhere. The image of those icons will still appear on their screen but they will be unable to click them. 
  11. Put a folded up sticky note over the ball of your friend's/coworker's mouse. Just make sure the sticky part of the note doesn't touch the ball. Fold the note small enough not to be seen when the mouse is lying flat on the desktop. The mouse won't work and they won't know why.

Here are a bunch of great practical joke ideas to try.

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