Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cut Spending

After reading a couple of the blogs I'm following, I've realized I spend way more than some on groceries. For my family of 5 plus 2 dogs and 2 cats we spend $150-$200 a week.

Now I know prices vary throughout the country and world. I live on the East Coast of the USA in Maryland. The price of milk here is $1.99 at Aldi's and $2.99 or more at other grocery stores.

When shopping at Weis I try to use coupons in conjunction with sales. That is where I buy name brand items like: laundry detergent (dye-free), meats, pop-tarts, cereal, snacks for lunches, and soda.

For the staples, I shop Aldi's. They have the best prices in my area on dairy, fresh and canned veggies, and paper products.

I've just started planning out our meals for the week prior to shopping and sticking to my list. Before I just went to the grocery store and whatever looked good is what I got along with my list of necessities.

Any advice or suggestions. Please let me know what has worked for you. I'm willing to try anything.

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