Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HMAH Tip #24 Buying Meat

Number #24 in my series of Helping Moms At Home tips is to buy family sized packages of meat.

This tip really works for my family of 5. When I go grocery shopping I first check the sales ad to see what meats are on sale. Then I buy whichever meat is on sale. Normally the larger size portions are cheaper and combined with sales you get a nice discount.

Since my family's a one income household I spread out buy meats. For example, I'll buy chicken breasts one week, steak the next week, ground beef the following week and pork chops another week. Mostly, I follow the sales, so if all meats are 20% off one week I buy as much as I can afford.

Once you purchase the meats and get them home - trim and separate the food into individual servings sizes or your family portion size. I prefer single serving size because you can always defrost more servings if you have company.

Next freeze anything not being used in the next day or two. I just put my food in freezer bags because I feel they take up less room.

One very important tip to go along with buying your meats in larger portions is to plan out your meals so you actually use the food up. No one wants food to go to waste.

Plan your meals and buy larger sized meat portions when they are on sale. Great ways to save your hard earned money.

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