Friday, May 22, 2009

Finding the Right Dentist Makes All the Difference

After almost 4 years of bad pictures, my son finally had his dead baby tooth pulled. This baby tooth stayed while the adult tooth grew in behind it. The root was still there after 1 year of the adult tooth coming in. I've heard this is pretty common.

Anyways, he had anxiety of going to the dentist, so we had to search for a pediatric dentist that would pull it. We found an awesome group ( that is located in Maryland that completely got him over his anxiety for the dentist. They never restrained him, they hang toys from the ceiling to make them look up, there is a playhouse in the lobby, and let the kids watch dvds in some of the rooms while getting worked on and waiting. They are totally friendly to kids and their parents. If only adult dental offices were so much fun :)

My point is if you aren't happy with your current dentist check around. Don't be afraid of offending the dental offices - find one you and your family are comfortable with.

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