Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HMAH Tip #2 - Shop from Grocery Store Sale Ads

Plan your meals around that week's grocery store sales ads.

If you favorite store has a sale on ground beef and noodles then make sure to include spaghetti for dinner one day that week. Don't stop there though what about hamburgers with gravy and noodles another day. Let your imagination run wild. Plus, if the item is one your family eats often, pick up extra.

Here are a couple tips:
* Don't forget sale ads for stores you don't shop regularly.
* Pay close attention to lost leaders and items you family buys frequently.
* Make sure you look over all sale ads with great care. They will jog your memory about items you are out of or running low on.
* For even more savings combine sales with coupons.

Feel free to print out a menu planner/grocery list by clicking the link below.

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