Friday, January 30, 2009

HMAH Tip #10 Save Time with A Gadget You Already Own

Since 82% of Americans have a cell phone, this tip applies to almost everyone.

Cell phones, nowadays, have lots and lots of features that can make your life easier*. Some of the basic features include voice mail, call waiting, built-in camera, alarm, memo/notes/to-do list, and calculator. Here's how these basic features can help you save time, save money and your sanity.

First of all is the voice mail feature. This is no longer just for your home (land-line) phone anymore. If you are shopping at the checkout line and someone calls you can easily send them to voice mail at the click of a button. Then return their call when it's more convenient for you.

Another feature that is popular on land-line phones is call waiting. You're on the phone with your sister and the school nurse from your daughter's school is trying to reach you. Good thing you have call waiting. My phone will beep and display a message on the screen during the call asking whether I want to take the call or not. It's peace of mind that you won't miss those important calls.

The built-in camera is probably the most fun feature. Taking pictures of your family and friends is the most common use. Another way to use the built-in camera is to take pictures of items you are considering buying. For example; buying a dress, furniture, painting, etc. to get someone else's opinion or to coordinate the item your current decor.

My favorite feature is the alarm. Some phones allow you to set alarms at a certain time each day every day or on specific days. Personally, I set my alarm to go off a couple minutes before I need to get my kids off the bus. It reminds me to get my coat on and head out to the bus stop. This way I know my kids will be safe and they aren't walking home alone.

Most phones include a voice memo or to-do list feature. t allows you to record a voice message to yourself or type in a note to yourself. This is a helpful when trying to remember your grocery list or the row you parked in. Save yourself time hunting around for your vehicle or making multiple trips to the store for items you forgot.

Finally, and the most useful is the calculator. This is a big money saver when shopping. Use it to figure out sale prices (ex. 30% off or 4 for $5) and to compare price per unit. Sometimes the larger size packages aren't the best deal after all. It can also be used to keep a running total of all the items in your cart to insure you don't go over your budget.

Your phone is a handy, little gadget you carry with you anyways, start using it to it's fullest. Start using all the features, so you can save time, and save money.

* Please note that each phone is a little different and refer to your owners manual for a full listing of your specific phone's features. These are basic features that a majority of phones have.

Tuesday November 13, 2007
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