Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas and Families Far Away

So many families nowadays live miles, states and even countries apart. This makes it hard for families to really get to know each other and share their lives . Traveling to visit relatives is usually reserved for holidays and special occasions like weddings. So how can you share experiences when you can't visit?

I was reading somewhere of an idea of how to share your holidays with families. Most newer computers come with a web cam built in. If your's does not they can be purchased separately very cheap from any local department store or online. Set up your web cam on Christmas Eve ready to go for Christmas morning. Then turn it on and record all the present opening festivities for family members. You can post the video to a secure site.

If you are not comfortable with posting a video to the web. Upload it to your computer's hard drive and send it to them as an email attachment. They will be able to open it at their leisure.

I thought this was a fun way to share the holidays with family and friends. Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences using a web cam.

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