Monday, January 11, 2016

Coloring Pages for Adults

I've really enjoyed doing coloring pages over the winter break and have found quite a few really great sites that offer printable pages. There are also two e-books at the bottom that you can get.  All at no cost (Make sure the Amazon price is still $0.00).

Print out a page or two, gather your colored pencils/markers, and start coloring. Have fun! - Amazing site!!! I really want her Posh: Coloring 2016 Day-to-Day Calendar: For Fun & Relaxation. She shows examples colored in and they look wonderful! - This site has a huge selection of coloring pages grouped by categories such as movie posters, books, comics, mandalas, animals and lots more.
Owls Coloring Book by Dover Publications - This is a book of 4 different owl coloring pages. Very Cute and quite detailed.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Freebies on Friday - January 8, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully your year is starting off well. Mine has started off quite nicely. I've started my weekly freebies post in order to help others (and myself) save time and money again.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the freebies!

Mandala Circles: 50 Mind Calming & Stress Relieving Patterns (Coloring Books For Adults Book 1)

Mini Farming: How to Create a Sustainable Organic Garden in Your Backyard You Can Be Proud Of (Square Foot Gardening, Small Space Gardening, Mini Farming For Beginners)

Quick and Easy Recipes: 30 MINUTE MEALS: Quick Recipes You Will Love (Quick and Easy Cooking)

How to Save Money at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cut Spending

Centrum Vitamints Multivitamin
Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth Haircare - shampoo and condition treatment
Emergen-C Drink Mix - just in time for cold and flu season
Kelo-Cote Scar Treatment


Free Printable - "Winter is the Time for Home" printable
Winter games for kids - Loads of fre*e online games for kids to play.
Printable stickers - Adorable winter stickers from
Redbox - 1 day DVD Rental - sign up via email required.
Lego Magazine Subscription
Winter coloring pages - a bunch of coloring pages to choose from and print out.

* Please note the ebook links are affiliate links but at the time of this publication all the books were listed as free on All the remaining links are not-affiliate links and I am not compensated for sending people to any of them.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

DIY Notebook Makeover

Today I want to show you how you can turn an ordinary spiral notebook into a really neat personalized notebook.

All you need are a cheap spiral notebook, some scrapbook paper, pliers, a small hole punch, scissors, and a pen or pencil.

Start with the spiral notebook (any size). I chose a small memo notebook.

Take the pliers and carefully unbend the wire at one end of the notebook. It helps to make it curved. Then simply spin the wire until it twists out of the notebook pages leaving the pages completely undone.

Using the cover page as a template copy the shape and holes onto a piece of scrapbook paper. Cardstock works the best, but I've also glued a thinner piece to the cover when I didn't have cardstock paper on hand.

You can get creative and also use the cover to make decorative divider pages, too.

Another thing you can add are envelopes for storage. I found a great envelope template here that I shrunk in size to fit my notebook.

Here's one that I made out of cardstock scrapbooking paper.

Next, line everything up and punch holes in all the pages you are going to add to your notebook.  It helps to use a pen/pencil and copy the location of the holes from your cover page as a template. Notice the punch is smaller at 1/8" circle size not a standard hole punch size.

Once everything is punched,  just line it all up in the order you want it and fish the wire back through the holes. Continue to twist the wire until it reaches the opposite end. Then using the pliers gently bend the wire down to stop the pages from unwinding.

All done.

You can get really creative by adding tabs, pockets, divider pages and more. Plus, this works on any type of spiral notebook, so long as you can bend the wire and put it back once you're done. It's a wonderful way to decorate all those $.10 notebooks from Walmart during Back to School sales that so many of us bought.

I'd love to see how you decorate your notebooks. Feel free to share by leaving a comment below.

Monday, January 04, 2016

2016 Habit Tracker Printable

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted last, so I wanted to come back with some great for everyone.

Here is a free printable that can be used to help people reach their goals. Whether your goal is to take a photo everyday or exercise everyday.

Simply color in the circle when you complete your task for that day and keep the momentum going.

If you miss a day or two - don't give up. Just keep trying. Progress not perfection is what's important. One small step each day can lead to big changes in the future.


Feel free to print this for your own personal or classroom use and share it, however no permission is given to sell any printables on this site. All rights reserved.