Monday, February 02, 2015

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials for 2015

My family got together to watch the Super Bowl last night. Though our favorite team wasn't playing (Go Ravens), we still enjoyed the commercials and ate great food.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite television commercials that played last night. I'm a fan of funny commercials. What do you think? What was your favorite commercial from last night?

1. Which Guy is Sexier? I vote truck guy all the way!

2. When Pigs Fly

3. Real Life PacMan - I'm not a beer drinker, but I would love to play the game.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Freebies on Friday - January 30, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! I've included books that can help you organize your time, clean your house, organize your space and even stock your pantry using mason jars. I pick ones I like in hopes that you will like them also.

Well...on to the freebies. Enjoy!


Organize Your Time in 24 Hours!: 50 Best Strategies to Spend Time with Family, Devote to Your Work, Keep Happy Relationships, and Spend Your Money Wisely (Self Organizing Books Book 8)

Cleaning And Organizing In Only 7 Days: Box Set #3: The Complete Extensive Guide On How To Clean And Organize Your Home: In 7 Days DIY. (Cleaning and organizing ... hacks - 7 day clutter free Book 4)

Mason Jar Prepper's Pantry: How to Use Mason Jars to Store Meals and Prepare for Emergency Situations

How to Live Well in a Small Space. 78 Small Space Ideas for Tiny House Living.: (tiny house living, tiny home living,small space living, small space organizing, small space big ideas, tiny homes,

Batiste Hair - Dry Shampoo
Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar
Chick-Fil-A - Free hot or iced coffee in February

Lego February Mini Build Space Shuttle - February 3rd beginning at 5 p.m.
BurpeeHomeGardens - free vegetable garden guide
Redbox - free videos codes expires 2/16/15
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  • 92494TK3

* Please note the ebook links are affiliate links but at the time of this publication all the books were listed as free on All the remaining links are not-affiliate links and I am not compensated for sending people to any of them.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Organized With Printable Stickers

Getting and staying organized with you calendar doesn't have to be boring. Try making it fun with these adorable printable stickers.

In case you've never printed stickers before - it's easy and you don't need a special machine. Your regular printer and some sticker paper from your local office supply store is all you need.

Here are a couple sites that offer free printable stickers that can help you remember appointments, bills and school activities, all while being colorful and fun.


Ms Wenduhh

The House on Hillbrook

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Best Marriage Advice Ever

My hubby and I have a couple friends who are engaged to be married, and since we have been happily married for almost 18 years we get asked for advice a lot.

Here is the absolute best marriage advice there is....Talk.

More importantly Talk and Listen to each other.

Talk about everything. Kids. Money. Religion. Politics.

Where your kids will go to school if you want kids (public, private or homeschool)? Will one of you stay home with the child/children or will they go to daycare? Will you have separate checking/savings accounts or combine them into one account? Do you both celebrate the same holidays? Do you both share the same views of religion? What about politics - do you share the same ideology?

Anything that is important to you needs to be discussed.

If you can't talk to your potential mate about something or they won't listen or discuss it - then you really should hold off getting married. Get these important issues settled before you tie the knot. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You should be able to tell him/her anything.

Another very important piece of advice is...Don't expect your partner to change.

Accept them the way they are.

If they are an absolute neat freak or continually leave messes everywhere just assume that's they way they will stay. Maybe they are obsessed with sports or she loves to collect scrapbooking supplies. That's who they are. Accept it.

We have seen too many people go into relationships wanting something while their partner didn't. A common problem we see is one wants kids and the other doesn't. Either resign yourself to the fact that kids aren't in your future or move on to someone who more shares your view for the future.

If it's important to you it should be discussed and both partners should agree to a common decision. 

Working out these issues prior to getting married will cut down on some of the main reasons for divorce.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Broken Phone...What to Do?

How many times have you dropped your phone? Have you cracked the screen? Do you have a broken phone sitting in a drawer somewhere? 

A few months ago, my son broke his Apple iPod. He was devastated!  He carried it around everywhere. He used FaceTime to talk with friends, take photos, and play games.

Well like many families, we didn't have an extra $250 laying around to purchase a new one, so I started doing some searching online about how to repair it.

There are repair kits I could purchase from Amazon and eBay, but I didn't feel comfortable taking the entire iPod apart. I didn't want to cause more damage, so I tried to find a company to fix it for us.

That's when I found  You submit what type of electronic you have, what you need done, etc. to their free service, and they will have local technicians offer you quotes to repair it. You pick who you want to contact, if any. 

I received quotes from 4 technicians in my area, but selected one who would pick up and return the iPod for $80. Not cheap, but way better than getting a new one.

Then two weeks later, I broke my iPhone 4, but the same technician wasn't available. I was shopping at a local Radio Shack and noticed they were also able to make repairs. Not all Radio Shack stores offer repairs so check online for the one closest to you.   My phone was done in less than an hour and cost roughly $80 as well.

I have to say it isn't cheap to get the electronics fixed, but it's better than having it sit in a drawer broken.

Monday, January 26, 2015

18 Tips and Tricks for Using Google Search

Everyone has heard of Google, but did you know all the really cool things it can do? Here are 18 helpful and fun tips and tricks for using the popular search engine that you may not know.

1.  Exclude from Search ResultsType "-X" replacing X with your word or phrase to exclude those results from your search results. For example, say you want to search for printables by not those on type in  "-Pinterest"

2.  Definitions
To find the meaning of a word type "definition of X" replacing X with your work or phrase.

3.  Use Images to Search
Go to then click on Images without putting anything in the search area. Once on the images pages you will see a small camera near the search field. Click it. It will allow you to select an image from a website or you can upload one from your computer.

4.  Timer
Use Google as a timer. Enter "set timer to X" replacing the X with a number of hours or minutes. An example "set timer to 1 minute" or "set timer to 3 minutes 11 seconds".

5.  Holidays/Festivities
Find the day and date of holidays or festivities by typing in the name. For example, "Thanksgiving" will produce "Thursday, November 26 - Thanksgiving Day 2015".

6. Calculator
Don't have a calculator handy simply enter your math problem into the search results to get the answer.

7.  Tip Calculator
Out to eat at your favorite restaurant and need to figure out how much tip to leave. Just type in "tip calculator" which will let you enter the total bill before tip and select a percentage.

8.  Translate
Need to translate from one language to another. Perhaps there is a sign you need to understand but it's in another language - enter the words and it will show you the translation.

9.  Check the Weather
Wondering what the weather is in your hometown. Enter your city, state or city, country and forecast to get the weather for today and the next seven days.

10.  Movies
Find movies playing in your area. Enter "movies" and your zip code. You will see a visual image of the movies available. Just click on one and it will show you when and where it's being shown.

11.  Conversions
Do you need to convert feet to inches? What about Euros to Dollars? Type X "to" X for your results.

12.  Track a Package
If you're waiting for a package to arrive, enter the tracking number into the search bar and press enter to receive the status of your package.

13.  Tilt Screen
Type "tilt" in the search area and press enter to see your screen tilt at an angle.

14.  Barrel Roll
Type "do a barrel roll" to see your entire screen flip like a cartwheel.

15.  Atari Breakout
Play a game of Breakout on google by searching "Atari Breakout" without the quotation marks in Google Images. Trick is to keep the mouse within the playing area while moving it back and forth.

16.  Flip A Coin
Type "Flip a Coin" in the search field and a coin will rotate landing on either heads or tails.

17.  Roll a Six-Sided Die
Enter "roll a dice" into the search bar and press enter. Similar to flip a coin it will give you the results.

18.  Where Are You?
If you type in "Where Am I" it will bring up a map of your current location. Creepy and cool at the same time.

Some of these are useful and some are just for fun. Have fun and enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Freebies on Friday - January 23, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! This week is a hodge podge of freebies, but lets face it being a mom requires us to have a wide knowledge base. Plus, moms are just "Moms" when our kids are babies or toddlers. We are still moms when our kids are in high school, college and beyond.

I strive to include books that will save money, save time, help with homeschooling, plus have fun with crafts.

Well...on to the freebies. Enjoy!


Homemade Liquid Soap For Beginners (How to Make Soap)

50 Core American Documents: Required Reading for Students, Teachers, and Citizens

19 Budget Hacks for College Students: How to Live on $15/Day Without Dying

Accounting Illustrated Dictionary: Learn Accounting Visually (Accounting Play Book 1)

Vegetable Fermentation for Beginners: Fermenting Vegetables at Home Made Easy

BioRenew SkinCare - Skin Care for menopausal women.
Holistic Dog and Cat Food Sample from The Pet Pantry
Vitamin and Supplements Sample -
Delicious Bee Pollen - Pollen

Chalkboard Canning Freezer Label by Lia Griffith
Personalized Kids Lunch Labels by Lia
Love This Kitchen Art Printable I Heart

* Please note the ebook links are affiliate links but at the time of this publication all the books were listed as free on All the remaining links are not-affiliate links and I am not compensated for sending people to any of them.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Should Taking Your Kids Out Of School For Family Vacation Be Illegal?

I was watching the Today Show the other day and one segment really surprised me. You can see it here. Apparently in some states it is "illegal" to take your kids out of school to go on a family vacation. Really?!?

If the kid misses a month of school maybe, but a week or less absolutely not.   As long as the parent knows that it is the family's responsibility to get caught back up to the class. 

The teacher would be copying all the handouts anyways. Honestly, how much time would it take to put them in a paper clip or folder for when the kid returns. 

What is your opinion on this?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Make It Through the Winter and Still Have Fun

On a day when it's cold and snowy I'm dreaming of Spring. Warmer weather and planting my garden sounds wonderful right now.

Unfortunately, Spring is still a couple weeks away.

Here are a couple things you can do to get through the somewhat lonely, isolating winter months for those in cold weather areas.

1. Get Outside
I know it's cold and possibly snowy, but get outside. Breathe in fresh air. Get some sun. Even if it's only to run to the mailbox or to a store.

2. Read a Good Book
If you can't get out because of the weather - escape into a great book. Curl up with a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and get engrossed in a wonderful story.

3. Get Some Exercise
Many people pack on the pounds during the winter months, but there are plenty of things you can do to stay fit while remaining inside.  There are tons of dance, exercise, and sporting games on a variety of gaming systems. We love Just Dance and Wii Fit.

You don't need a gaming system to get fit, you can do yoga, Tai Chi, calisthenics (sit-ups, push-ups, jump rope, etc.), weight lifting or any number of exercise videos online.

4. Find a Hobby, Craft, or Project
Distract yourself by getting involved in a hobby or starting a craft or project. Find something you truly enjoy. Something like crochet, knitting, quilting, photography, scrapbooking, etc. Here is a link to a ton of hobbies in case you need suggestions.

5. Get Together With Friends and Family
Being around different people can really help lighten the mood. Let's face it being stuck with the same people can try everyone's nerves. Hosting a dinner party or movie night can be a great time for all. It can give you something to look forward to and lots to talk about after, as well.

So basically, get out, get moving, get around other people and start doing stuff. Keep busy and have fun!

Plus remember...

57 days until Spring

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Have A Dream

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and he is famous for his "I Have A Dream" speech.  I thought I would share a dream of mine and a cute printable to help you achieve your dream as well.

I have had a dream for about 15 years now to be a stay at home mom and still contribute to my family financially.  My dream has come true to a degree, but I want to be able to contribute a bit more.

I've already started implementing this plan. I've brought in some extra cash using Walmart's Saving Catcher program, Swagbucks and am currently researching other avenues as well.

What have you always dreamed of doing? What does your dream life look like?

Once you figure that out - figure out a small step you can take today to move you toward your dream.  Anything is possible.

For Personal Use Only!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Freebies on Friday - January 16, 2015

Happy Friday everyone!

Well...on to the freebies. Enjoy!


Living Frugal And Loving It: 40 Creative Ways To Save Money And Live Debt Free For Life (Simple Living Book 2)

Slow Cooker 101: Master the Slow Cooker with 101 Great Recipes

Will, Trust, & Power of Attorney Creator and Estate Records Organizer: Legal Self-Help Guide

Ancient Medicine - Discover the Benefits of 5 Ancient Herbal Plants to Ease and Heal Common Ailments (Ancient Medicine, Herbal Remedies , Herbs , Ancient ... Organic Antibiotics And Antivirals)

Cloud 9 Salon Spa - Handmade body lotion to try.
Safety Latch Starter Kit - These are for cabinets and doors to keep kids and pets safe.
Stetson Cologne - Cologne for the man in your life.

Get a FREE DVD or Blu-ray rental at Redbox kiosks, at or with the app.  Use the code 45TH8787. Code is good through 1/18/14.
OpenOffice - This is a free software that is equivalent to Microsoft Office only free. It has spreadsheets, text documents, presentation creator and lots more. I've used this for years and LOVE it.
Free Pretty Things For - Adorable alphabet flashcards great for kids or scrapbooking.

* Please note the ebook links are affiliate links but at the time of this publication all the books were listed as free on All the remaining links are not-affiliate links and I am not compensated for sending people to any of them.