Monday, December 10, 2012

Stay Healthy This Season If You Can

The past 2 weeks my family has been dealing with the fevers, sniffles, coughs and sore throats. Basically feeling icky! Camped out on the sofa eating lots of chicken noodle soup.

Apparently, there is some nasty bug going around because a couple friends and family members have also been sick. I guess my kids didn't want to feel left out. LOL

My oldest and youngest both have had strep throat and a really bad cold. They had a fever for days and sore throat with coughing. However, a round of powerful meds later, they are back to school and feeling a bit better.

Being the holidays, you are naturally are around more people. Stores are crowded. Holiday parties. Plus more people are home (kids are off school, visitors come to stay, etc.) So how can your family avoid the same illnesses?

Here are a couple ways to stay healthy this holiday season.

Wash Your Hands 
Common sense I know but you really do need to wash your hands frequently. If you can't wash your hands at least use hand sanitizer. Just think about how many hands touched your shopping cart handle, door handles or railings on steps or escalators.

Eat Healthy
During the holidays it's tempting to eat all those delicious baked goodies. I'm not saying you can't eat them, just make sure it's in moderation. Make sure you eat some fresh fruits and veggies too. A helpful idea is to bring a veggie platter instead of your homemade Christmas cookies this year to the holiday party.

Get Your Rest
Doing too much, eating too much and stressing over all the stuff you want to do this season can really make you feel run down. Make sure you get a good nights sleep each night and a nap here and there. It could give you more energy and also help you look more refreshed for your festivities.  Give your mind and your body a break.

Try to add in some activities that are more physical. Even something as simple as walking the mall can help boost your spirit, reduce stress, and keep your waistline in check.

Do a thorough cleaning of your home. Every year I would get sick in late December through early January, so I started doing a thorough cleaning of my house in early December. I take a bucket of bleach water and wipe down all the walls, doors, doorknobs, counters, appliances, etc. Any place I feel germs could accumulate. I also clean all Christmas decorations as I put them up. Not just the knick knacks and ornaments. Garland and the Christmas tree both get a good blowing with the blow dryer to get any dust off.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you stay healthy this holiday season. They are common sense, but they really do work.