Monday, July 27, 2009

Back To School Shopping

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” as per the Staples commercial.

If you’re like me you love back to school and if not now is just a really good time to get great deals.

This is the time of year when retailers set up their school supplies displays. More importantly, now is the time to shop to get the best selection and to get the best price.

How Do I Get Best Deal and Selection?
With retailers offering a box of 24 crayons for 4/$1 and notebooks for $.15 each, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal. To get the best deal you need to shop early because once they’re gone-they’re gone!

Some kids only want a notebook, lunchbox or folder with their favorite character on it. Well, to get that all important character, you really should shop early especially if it is popular this season. This becomes less of an issue as kids get older because there are less characters geared to middle school and high school aged kids.

No School-Aged Kids?
If your kids are in preschool or younger don’t let these deals pass you by. Most toddlers and preschoolers love to color and with crayons, markers, and paper so inexpensive you could easily stock up for the year. Don’t forget the storage containers to hold all their toys, coloring supplies, and games.

What about parents of kids entering college? Now is the perfect time for you to furnish their dorm room or apartment. Bedding and decor are also on sale, so comforters, sheets, bed frames, chairs, trash cans, and storage containers are nicely discounted. Many stores also have microwaves, mini refrigerators, laptops and computers on sale now. Everything you need to help your student be organized and prepared for college life.

Not Just for School
You don’t need to have kids to rake in the great deals. Folders are wonderful for keeping track of bills, home improvement projects and grocery shopping by holding coupons & lists. Blank spiral notebooks are perfect for keeping phone messages, running to-do lists, keeping track of expenses, or even journaling.

Home-based business owners can use this time to stock up on pens, pencils, staples, paper clips, and folders for presentations. It’s also a perfect time to upgrade their computer while they are on sale.

There’s more to back to school shopping than just preparing for September. Think about the entire year, stock up and save big.